Five Questions to Ask Your Videographer Before Hiring

We all know the adage, "There's no such thing as a dumb question", yet sometimes we feel embarrassed about asking many of ours. When it comes to hiring any wedding vendor, you want to make sure you ask all of yours before you shovel out any cash. More importantly, you want all your questions answered before hiring anyone. Here's a list of questions from our Atlanta Wedding Videography friends at Rooted Pine Films to ask your videographer, as well as things to look for in their response.

What is your Availability on My Wedding Day?

This is one of the most important questions to iron out beforehand because you want to be on the same page about the videographer's timeline for the day. Ideally, you want them for the whole day, right?! You want footage of the bride getting ready with her girls, and the groom goofing off with his boys (one last time;)), but you may also want to record your getaway in your antique car or horse and carriage, all while surrounded by your family and friends. However, many videographers will shoot multiple weddings in a single day, making a full day of filming a difficult feat. Before you hire your videographer, make sure they are available for what YOU want, not what fits their agenda.

Have You Shot at My Venue Before?

Every wedding is unique, but that doesn't mean every wedding is at an inimitable location. Odds are you are hiring an experienced videographer who has shot plenty of weddings at tons of locations. This may seem like an irrelevant question, but shooting at the same venue gives your videographer a leg up, which will more than benefit your wedding video in the end. Your videographer is an artist first and foremost, and artists find it impossible to do anything perfectly, so they are always thinking of ways to perform their craft better. Also, if your videographer has previously filmed at your venue, they will know the best places to shoot, perfectly lit settings, and will have footage in their portfolio of what your venue has in story for you. While it is not 100% necessary, having a videographer experience in your location gives them an advantage on the other competition.

What Kind of Equipment do You Use?

You may not understand every gadget your videographer uses, but knowing what you are getting is helpful. For example, drones are in, and having the overhead footage during the ceremony of your mountainside venue is beyond beautiful, and you may want that included in your wedding video. Clarifying your expectation with your videographer beforehand will help them know exactly what you are looking for and the tools to bring for the job.

What Happens Before My Wedding Day?

Unless you are hiring one of your friends, or you are marvelously famous, odds are, your videographer knows nothing about you. Ask your videographer about the expectations of contact before the wedding date to certify they understand you and your spouse's relationship. The videographer's job is to tell your love story and make it distinctive to you. If they don't know your background (how you met, how long you've been together, etc), they may tell a fictional story about your relationship, and nobody wants that. You want your wedding video to be genuine; you want it to be yours. If you are hiring local, ask to meet up in person with your videographer; many will oblige over a cup of coffee. And if you are hiring someone from out of town, ask to set up a video chat to get some face-to-face time with them from afar. Ultimately, you don't want your videographer coming in cold on your wedding day.

I Already Have a Photographer - Do You Work Well with Other Vendors?

Most of the time this is a no brainer, but it is still a question to ask and here's why: there are rare occasions where videographers are also wedding photographers and prefer not to work with other vendors. However, as mentioned, this is rare. The more important reason to ask this questions is that, though the wedding business is vast, it is still a fairly small community, and if you hire an experience videographer, they just may have worked with that photographer in the past. Your videographer having previous chemistry with a photographer will guarantee fluidity of your footage, in both videos and photos.

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