Easy Ways to Make Money While Traveling

We all want honeymoons to last forever, or at least more than a week. But after a wedding, time and money can be an issue. Our guest blogger is sharing some tips and tricks on how to make money while traveling so you can extend that honeymoon!


Let’s veer away from the typical “save money and travel” blogs for a moment and discuss traveling jobs you can pick up and start making money almost immediately. These jobs will not require you to have a college background, your own website, or any specific experience. Some may require more research than others, but below are some general ideas on how to make some easy cash when you’re on the road.

The Digital Nomad

I’m sure you’ve heard this term being thrown around other traveling blogs. Don’t let it intimidate you; this doesn’t mean you have to be a wildly successful blogger or a freelance graphic designer. There are a ton of other ways to make money online while you’re traveling, for instance, becoming a Clickworker. Websites like this will pay you to take online surveys, review other websites, and just search the web. Be aware that it’s a low-paying gig, and probably not enough to support your entire trip, but could keep you traveling a bit longer.

If you’re looking to make enough money to sustain your traveling and then some, it’s not uncommon for many travelers to make a living with internet poker. Of course, this assumes that you know how to play poker, and you have enough disposable income to lose a few hands or more.

If high-stakes online gambling isn’t your thing, utilize your skills on Fiverr. Fiverr will pay you to do a number of online tasks from writing reviews to giving testimonials and even becoming a seller. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind spending hours in front of a computer, the online world is full of easy opportunities to make a quick buck. If staring at a computer all day makes you anxious, and it’s simply not an option, there is still work for you too.


The Working Vagabond

Ditch the laptop, the wifi, and your desk plant - you won’t need them. When you’re traveling, there is always someone somewhere willing to hire an extra set of hands, especially if it’s for a short time. Working in a foreign place allows for an experience you can’t find digitally. You get a firmer grasp on the culture, the language, and you’re constantly meeting new people.

First things first: if you’re traveling out of country, you have to get a temporary work visa. You can apply for these in your home country. Depending on the country you’re from, the application process can be a bit of a hurdle, but it’s absolutely necessary.

If you’re going abroad as a native English speaker, you will naturally have the qualifications, and the option to land an English teaching job. Numerous destinations throughout South America, Europe, and Asia, will hire you to teach English abroad without a Bachelor's degree.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get your hands dirty, the service industry is a traveler's best friend. Ask the hostel manager if they need a bartender, or someone to clean up dishes. Ask a restaurant manager if they want some help during their rush-hours. Many travelers are also known to get involved with seasonal work like farming, fishing, and construction.


The Tradesman

What better way to travel than to have people pay you to travel? If you want to get paid to work over the road, and also afford rent/mortgage, picking up a skilled trade may be your best bet, and they pay well.

If long drives along the highway is a pastime you could see yourself getting paid for, grab your CDL, and hit the road as an “over-the-road” trucker. Most truckers will drive through the lower 48 states within their first two years, and continue to visit new towns and landmarks throughout their entire career. Other trade jobs that pay to travel include: Private investigators, masseuses, field service technicians, and service industry workers.

Trade work also allows those who need their own place back at home to afford one. If you took on this kind of work and you know you’re going to be gone for long periods at a time, you have the option to sublet your home. If you’re a homeowner, its a good way to bank some extra cash. If you feel uncomfortable with letting other people live in your house, you will want to set up some long-term anti theft precautions to keep your home safe while you’re away. If you have a family at home, and you still want to explore, having a trade that pays to travel is also your best alternative to supporting yourself, your family, and your dream.
Everyone faces different challenges finding the right job while traveling. If you’re looking to work on-site, or online in a foreign country, be sure to plan ahead and do your research. The last thing you need is travel debt, or worse, an abrupt stop to your adventures.

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