Choosing Music for a Wedding Abroad

The music at your wedding is an important aspect not only for you but for your guests. If you pick the wrong band or DJ, chances are you could see your guests leaving earlier than usual. How do you make the right choice? What are your music options with a destination wedding?

The first and most obvious is the classic party DJ. Everyone loves the original party classics such as Saturday Night, the YMCA and of course the Grease Mega Mix. These are all bound to get the party started and why not? After a few drinks everyone is ready to join in. However, keep in mind, there are a few things that can go wrong with a DJ. They could ignore your request list and play what they want, having your wedding party spend the night going back and forth to the booth. To avoid this problem, put together a playlist and sit down with your DJ to specify your list and what not to play. A good way to get this list together is to ask your guests to send in a song that would get them on the dance floor. This will ensure that you get a list that satisfies everyone’s musical palette.

Another option would be the classic band. Whether that’s a big band, jazz band or even an orchestra, the live music can really make the occasion personal and add a classic style. Imagine your wedding in Spain, a beautiful location with live music from your classic band would be the cherry on the top of that wedding cake! If your taste isn't one for classical musical or ballroom dancing, opt for a smaller band.  Have them play the ceremony then in the evening, bring out a DJ to get the party started.

During the holiday season (or maybe anytime of the year), you may have caught the movie Love Actually. Many soon-to-be-brides (and grooms) have fallen in love with Keira Knightley's wedding. You know the one we are referring to, when members of the congregation start playing instruments and a beautiful gospel choir appears singing “All You Need is Love”. Turn this movie scene into reality with your Spain wedding. Maybe your friends won't pack their instruments, but the idea of a gospel choir is completely possible. Gospel choirs, classical choirs, acapella choirs or choral societies, the sound and tone of these groups can send shivers down your spine. Have that emotional and amazing musical talent at your wedding and make your first dance unforgettable.

This author hasn't quite taken the plunge into marriage yet. However, that does not mean she hasn't experienced some great musical ideas at weddings. For example, when her sister got married, a 3-piece jazz band played during the cocktail hour and meal, serving a side of class to the event. Another friend had a 2-piece acoustic band, just 2 guys and a guitar, strumming while the evening guests arrived and sipped on beverages. This really helped the afternoon glide seamlessly into the evening when the DJ took over and the party really started.

If you’re worried about booking different DJs, bands or choirs for your Spain (or destination) wedding when you local, hire a wedding planner. The planner can work with you, share your vision and make those decisions for you, not only musically but for the entire wedding. For a list of wedding vendors, click here.

Everyone’s music tastes are different but if you would like some musical ideas, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friends at Spain For Weddings.

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