8 Reasons Why Charleston is a Golfer's Paradise

As any avid golfer knows, the ideal experience on the green involves more than just a great fairway. It’s why many people are willing to spend a little more simply to enjoy a round of golf at the best resorts in the country.

If you’re searching for your next golfing getaway, then search no further than Charleston, South Carolina. The Holy City is known for being a sportsman’s paradise and has a wide variety of top-tier courses that are sure to please every golf enthusiast.

Not convinced yet? Here are 8 reasons why every avid golfer should plan their next round in Charleston:

#1: The Picturesque Views Are Hard to Beat

There is nothing like taking in the view as you relax with a round of golf, and you will be surrounded by beautiful sites in this coastal city. From stunning dunes and marshlands to picturesque views of downtown Charleston, there are many golf courses in the Holy City that offer a gorgeous backdrop to your trip to the fairway.

The Patriots Point Links course located on Charleston Harbor is particularly well-known for its scenery, offering spectacular views of the downtown peninsula, Fort Sumter, and the ships coming into the harbor.

#2: There Is Something for Every Type of Golfer

Charleston offers golf courses that are sure to satisfy any type of player, whether they play on a professional level or prefer a more relaxed game with family and friends. Those who are up for a challenge will appreciate the Harbor Course at Wild Dunes, which has earned its nickname as “The Marsh Monster” because of its narrow fairway bordered on both sides with water and unforgiving marshland.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a round of golf with the family or brush up on your technique, The Links at Stono Ferry is a great choice. The public course has its own golf instruction center that offers lessons and advice to both juniors and adults.

#3: Nice Weather Year-Round

A warm climate and mild winters make the Lowcountry a highly desirable place to live and visit. With an average of 230 days of sunshine per year, the region is also a hotspot for people who want to hit the green during the colder months.

One of most popular golf resorts is the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, which has hosted its fair share of golf tournaments and is set to host the PGA Championship in 2021. If you’re looking to splurge, Kiawah will make you feel like royalty. With 5 championship golf courses, access to private beaches, and sanctuary spas, Kiawah is the ultimate dream for any golf enthusiast or anyone seeking a luxury experience.

#4: Southern Hospitality Is Always on Display

You would be hard pressed to find friendlier people than in the city of Charleston. Voted “Best City in the World” by Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2016, the Holy City has earned its reputation thanks to its southern charm and hospitality. In fact, this friendly nature has drawn many people to purchase a home in Charleston and plant their roots in this charming city.

This widespread hospitality extends to Charleston’s golf courses, where players are often impressed with the high level of customer service displayed both on and off the green.

#5: You Might Share the Course with a Celebrity

Charleston isn’t just a popular place for history enthusiasts and lovers of fine food. Celebrities love the Holy City as well. In fact, Bill Murray has a home in Charleston and is frequently spotted at downtown venues.

You may get more than a glimpse of a celebrity—you might even share the green with them. Matt Damon, George Clooney, and Will Smith have all vacationed at Kiawah Island and enjoyed the resort’s luxurious amenities. Celebrity golf tournaments are also common in Charleston and a sure-fire way to spot a famous celebrity.

#6: There Is No Shortage of Things to Do in Charleston

If you are planning to vacation in Charleston, be prepared to enjoy an endless array of options for dining, outdoor activities and cultural opportunities. Not only is it a great place to get in a round of golf, but the historic city is teeming with interesting sites to visit between trips to the links.

First-time visitors will enjoy touring the many historic homes throughout Charleston, playing on beaches like Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach, and exploring old plantations that are full of rich history.

After an early golf game, you can take the kids to Charleston’s numerous parks and cool off in the fountains. For other family-friendly fun, check the Charleston event calendar to find something for everyone to enjoy.

#7: Rates Are Affordable

There are many places where you can enjoy a game of golf in Charleston. While popular resorts like Kiawah Island can be expensive, others facilities offer reasonable rates while still providing an exceptional experience. Patriot’s Point Links is one such course that is considered a favorite among locals and visitors alike, with affordable rates and breathtaking views.

Shadowmoss Plantation Golf Club may give you the best bang for your buck, giving you everything you need to get started for a quick game. For a golfer on a budget, there are plenty of options in Charleston.

#8: You Can Be Part of History

If you love to hit the links in a town with countless options for visitors, then Charleston is the perfect destination for you. The city’s history dates back to the 17th century when English colonists first settled and named the area after King Charles II. This history can be seen every day throughout the town of Charleston—including many of its golf courses.

The Links at Stono Ferry have a long and fascinating history, with the land playing key roles in the American Revolution and the Civil War. In fact, the golf course has a collection of musket balls from the American Revolutionary War on display.

Similarly, Patriots Point Links overlooks Fort Sumter, the notable sea fort that was the site of the opening shots in the Civil War. Docked nearby is the USS Yorktown, the Essex-class aircraft built during World War II.

Being surrounded by such rich history may not change the outcome of your golf game, but it does make for many memorable experiences. Even those who don’t count themselves as history fans will enjoy these details that are unique only to Charleston.

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