Reeling in the Perfect Gear for a Fishing Adventure

Hoping to reel in that perfect catch on a fishing adventure with your partner but not entirely sure what to pack? Our friends at GrayWolfLife shared some tips!

Packing the proper essentials for a fishing adventure is an important step to assure an amazing experience. Taking the advice from this list will ensure you get the most out of the trip. Read on to learn more.


Clothing is a vital item when the outdoors are in the picture. The proper outfit can make you stay safe and comfortable which will, in turn, help you enjoy the trip to the fullest. However, clothing essentials vary depending on climate.

Cold Weather Tips:

  • High Quality Rain Gear: Carrying the correct items would assure a comfortable fishing day, even if a storm should "rain on your parade". High quality gear means more than just your average jacket. Waterproof footwear, pants, gloves and hats would keep anglers dry during heavy rain.
  • Synthetic Or Wool Undergarments And Socks: It is necessary to pack a bountiful amount of underwear and socks while on this adventure. Complete waterproof outerwear can even soak if you are in the rain long enough. But synthetic and wool materials will continue to keep you warm, regardless if you are severely soaked. Plus, it dries quickly which is a bonus when water in involved.
  • Layering Pieces: Heading to an absolute frigid place for fishing? Layering up as much as possible is crucial. Polar fleece, available in right thickness and weight could be a good option for ice fishing or fishing in a colder climate.
  • Heavy Jacket: A heavy or synthetic jacket is a must in the coldest of climates. Such jackets would be valuable even after a fall or during a long morning boat ride in temperate weather.
  • Insulated Gloves And Hat: An insulated hat will keep that noggin warm battling the elements. And though gloves may seem silly when your hands are needed, they help when fishing becomes tougher in a colder climate.

Warm Weather Tips:

  • Sun Protection And Cool Clothing: Fishing in a warmer climate can certainly mean that you will be exposed to sun and this eventually could cause dehydration, burns, exhaustion. This is where cool sun protective clothing will come into play. Long-sleeves, lightweight shirts protect the skin from the sun and keeps you cool.
  • Face Protection: It is important to pack some type of face protection. Even if it doesn't seem warm or is overcast, the UV rays of the sun can still be strong and cause sunburns. As the song says, "wear sunscreen".
  • Water Sandals Or Shoes: Quality water shoes provide protection to your feet and prevent slipping on rocks while wading in rivers, lakes or oceans.
  • Sun-Protective Hat: With a good hat, you are not only protecting your face, ears and neck from the sun, but a little pro tip, you will also be able to spot fish easily under water.
  • Sun Gloves: Sun gloves cover up the hands and protect from severe sunburn while fishing under the sun.
  • Rain Jacket: Whether hot or cold, heavy rain can occur anytime during a fishing trip. A lightweight rain jacket will keep you safe from the elements and allow you to fish comfortably.

Personal Equipment

  • Medication: Proper medications are vital when packing for any trip. However, always carry prescriptions with you so if by chance it goes missing, you won’t be separated from it.
  • Sunscreen: Sunscreen is a MUST - no matter if it’s a hot or cold climate. It  acts as a protective shield for your skin under the sun.
  • Insect Repellent: There is no scarcity of bugs in fishing spots, and that could eventually ruin an entire day. Insect repellant can save the day.
  • Small First Aid Kit: A small first aid kit is always valuable to carry and comes in handy for curing cuts, scrapes, headaches, insect bites or other bruises. Essential items include alcohol swabs, bandages, medical tape, gauze, pain relievers, antibiotic ointment and antihistamines.

Equipment & Tackle

  • Light Pack: Your travel pack should have enough vacant places to fill it with required lures, tackle and flies. In such case, chest packs, sling packs or small backpack could be a great option as these are uniquely meant for fishing.
  • Boots And Waders: Usually, boots and waders occupy much space. Hence, it is not so necessary to carry it unless absolutely required. But if you do add them to the list, the lightweight variety would be just perfect.
  • Rods And Reels: If possible, you can use the gear rendered by your outfitter or lodge. It is important to pack the items that are necessary while leaving behind the rest.
  • Lures, Flies And Terminal Tackle: Depending on the fishing conditions, you will have to determine the perfect lures and flies that should be used as well as the techniques. To obtain this information, head to the local shops for some tips and feedback. Your lodge or outfitter may also have advice and all the equipment needed for rent so it check with them first, if possible.
  • Line And Leader: It is always necessary to bring extra leader and line if you are utilizing your own materials.
  • Waterproof Duffel Bag: A large sized waterproof duffel bag helps to protect your clothing at the time of floatplane transfers or ferry rides.
  • Interior Dividers: Interior dividers help keep the clothing and other personal items in order within the bag.
  • Portable Camera: A waterproof portable camera lets you capture and keep the memories of your fishing adventure. However, don’t forget to carry cords, cables and chargers along with it.
  • Dry Bag Or Waterproof Box: A small waterproof box or dry bag will help to keep your phone, wallet or other important items protected from any external danger.
  • Polarized Sunglasses: Polarized sunglasses provide protection to your eyes and help spot fish easily underwater.


The above list of essentials for fishing adventures will help you experience an outstanding trip. We hope you find it beneficial when planning out what to pack and help prepare you for a day by the water. However, if you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know!

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