10 Essential Family Traveling Tips

Vacations are always something to look forward to as you’re finally given the time to sit back and relax with your family after what may be months of work and stress. And though traveling can be some of the happiest times for children, it can be hectic for the parents. If you want to keep your family (especially the kids) intact with a bulletproof vacation plan, here are 10 essential tips for you.

1. Plan Everything In Advance

You've probably enjoyed traveling with your friends when you were in your early 20's. In fact, traveling during the prime of your life didn’t necessarily have to be well-planned, you just rolled with the punches. You were completely okay with spontaneity and impulsiveness – in fact, you loved every single bit of it! However, when traveling with your family, having a solid plan is essential, especially when younger ones are on board.

Unlike before where you could practically stay anywhere with a roof over your head, you can't exactly do the same with the little tykes along. Options should be both clean and comfortable, meaning bookings should be made in advance to secure a place for the family.

2. Research the Culture

If your plans include traveling internationally or a first-time destination, chances are its culture may be a big mystery for you and your family. Research the destination a bit to avoid being culture-shocked. The place’s culture, food, fashion, and rituals may be diversified in more ways than one.

Additionally, if you do research on the culture, you will be able to easily locate where you can find its delicacies and what bizarre places you could visit – it’s time-efficient as you won’t have to be a sitting duck amidst the diversification.

3. Break the Language Barrier

It’s important to at least know what the basic phrases are. One of the most common reasons why people tend to get lost is due to the language barrier. Teach your kids what the fundamentals are; luckily, they’re easier to teach and they may have fun doing it. Inspire interaction with other travelers as well; it will brighten up your trip as a whole.

4. Rent an Apartment

When traveling in large groups, apartments could be a more budget-friendly option. Many families tend to stay in hotels for a one-week vacation unaware that the price damage can be high. Instead, find a clean apartment for your family to stay in. It’s able to give you convenience for tasks such as laundry and cooking. Also, your kids will love the extra space to run around after touring around the city.

5. Pack Light

Don’t bring your entire house – know what the priorities are. When dealing with children, controlling the things to bring is almost impossible. But with other members of the family, like young adults, they’re sufficient enough to carry their own things without creating a hassle.

Adults should manage the heavier items, as well as any important items such as travel documents, passports etc. A tip for adventure travel - don’t forget to choose a tackle box for an easy carry, making everything lighter. As a plus, you won’t have to worry about organizing your tools for fishing!

6. Walk the City
People are always exploring the city on tour buses. Though being on these buses can be exiting, children can become restless. Sitting for long periods of time can be a hassle and it doesn’t let the children discover the culture as much.

Explore the city on foot, walking the sights with your family and talking to locals. Don’t be shy! You’ll learn a lot by asking questions for directions and recommendations. Plus the best-localized products or gems are found on foot – give it a try!

7. Buy Local

Your family vacation should be timeless and original. Buying souvenirs and other memorabilia will remind you of your adventures. For example, a pair of the best sunglasses on the market is something you can both use for your adventures and as keepsakes. Items from local shops are sure to be unforgettable (and found nowhere else). The perfect way to remember your trip.

8. Take Your Time

People tend to think that when you are some place new, you should always be hopping from one place to another to see everything. Honestly, as much as anyone wants to see EVERYTHING, it just isn’t possible. Spending the week in a tropical paradise. Make sure you take some time to enjoy the beach. In fact, idly looking at the sunrise and sunset is part of the experience. Take pictures, eat, and relax – just enjoy the show.

9. Always Be Prepared

This is a given. However, when kids are in the equation, they can get easily bored or irritated. Maybe flights have been delayed or food is taking too long at dinner. Being prepared means having the necessities on hand, always. Carrying coloring books, games, and puzzles for them to keep their hands busy and prevent their stomach from rumbling will be a lifesaver.

10. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Pack accordingly. If you plan for a week at the beach, leave those high-heels at home. Let your feet and feel the sand and take a break. Heading on a winter escape, make sure you bring layers. Your clothes should keep you comfortable while you are moving and traveling.

Also, don’t bring your hard-to-wear garments. You don’t have time to be fighting that stubborn zipper. Choose clothes where you can change from one outfit to another in a matter of minutes. Lastly, only bring attires that won’t get in the way during travels.

Planning a family vacation may not be simple. However, when done right, things are fun and enjoyable. Once everything is in check, it is going to be one wholesome family adventure. You’ll look back and realize all the preparation was worth it. Following these 10 essential tips for traveling with a family will guarantee a stress-free vacation away from work, as well as quality bonding time with your family.

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Paul Watson

Paul Watson is an outdoor enthusiast and aspiring expert who loves to fish and hunt. On his site, http://outdoorchoose.com, he shares tips on how to make your hunting and fishing excursions both exciting and successful.

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