The Honeymoon Biking Getaway

You are on the verge of tying the knot and getting married, but you are still searching for that unforgettable honeymoon to pull everything together. Why not grab a bike and hit the trails with your favorite partner on a biking honeymoon! Bike tours are great ways to experience a new place with your special one, getting to know one another in a whole new way. Taking a bike tour in a foreign country allows you to create a new experience, find a special place to keep in your memories, and spice up your life.

Where To Go

There are many options to weigh when choosing a biking package. First, you could always choose a company and book a private or public bike tour in a preplanned destination and itinerary. Or, you could choose to map out your own destination! Pick the place, or places, you want to travel and explore the options of what you want to see and do while there. Do you want to ride through the Tramuntana Mountains in Spain? Cruise through the exotic islands of the Galapagos? Maybe you want to ride along the Shiranui Sea in Japan? Your options are endless, so make sure you have mapped out what you really want to experience and how you want to do it.

What to Pack

When you are planning to travel outside of your country, you can choose to ship your bike to your location, or use a bike at a bike tour location (if allowed). Check the weather forecast for your destination and bring the right clothes for sleeping, relaxing, cycling, and swimwear (if applicable). Pack enough water bottles/bladders to keep you and your partner hydrated, a sewing kit (for any mishaps in your clothing, and a headlamp for night riding. And remember to bring your helmet! Other items to consider are biking gear such as pumps, tire repair kits, and panniers. Sunglasses are important to protect your eyes. If it’s raining where you are going, bring raingear and visibility vests (especially if night riding).

Types of Tours

Depending on the type of experience you want, you should think about the location that offers what you are looking for. Do you want spend some time in the ocean breeze? Then maybe Spain, Greece, Japan, Australia, or Mexico are destinations to look into. Interested in a cooler climate? Maybe a visit to Greenland, Ireland, Canada, or Switzerland. Prefer to get wild with nature? Options include Africa and the Galapagos.

Biking Switzerland

A beautiful getaway to consider is the Rhine River Cruise in Switzerland. This biking tour by Trek Travel offers an amazing view of the Rhine River on a 7-night-bike cruise. Starting in Basel, you will follow the Rhine River past castles and through medieval landscapes, ending up in Strasbourg. You will stay in the floating hotel which is seated on the Rhine River, dining and lodging are all paid for, you just have to get yourself there! This is for bikers of all levels, so whether you are beginners or advanced riders, you can definitely enjoy this together! For this fairy-tale getaway, pricing is around $6599 per person.

Rhine River
Rhine River

Biking Africa

If you’re looking for a wild and exotic honeymoon, then perhaps you would like to try the South Africa and Botswana Multisport Adventure Tour hosted by Backroads. This is a multisport tour so there isn’t just biking, but also hiking and safari, experiencing the best Africa has to offer. Bike alongside elephants and penguins, experience the culture from locals, and even learn to track animals. This eleven-day trip begins in Cape Town and ends in Johannesburg. Packages range from $7,298-$7,798. Though a tad pricey, to bike alongside the African safari and explore the culture and diversities in Africa leads to a very exotic and wild honeymoon memory.

Johannesburg, Africa
Johannesburg, Africa

Biking France

Perhaps you are looking for a luxurious, romantic biking honeymoon. Then Champagne, France is where you need to go with Duvine. This honeymoon biking getaway offers a six-day tour where you will ride by the vineyards, through the rural countryside, and alongside fishermen, as well as visit historic battlegrounds, view gothic architecture, visit memorials and last but not least, enjoy the French wine. Packages start at $5,595 per person with food and lodging included.


Biking Spain and Portugal

In search of the beautiful light blue hues of the Mediterranean Sea? Head to Mallorca, Spain with Duvine. This trip is for riders of all abilities that want to test themselves. Visit lighthouses on the beach in Mallorca, ruins in Alcudia, and enjoy the beautiful scenery planted with mountains and greenery as you bike along the Mediterranean. This tour also includes a little bit of hiking and wine tasting in quaint villages. Starting at $5,095 for a 6-day tour is a great way to enjoy the Mediterranean in Spain and Portugal.

Mediterranean Sea
Mediterranean Sea

Biking Japan

For an indulgent trip to view the colors of Asian culture; travel to Japan for a biking tour full of cherry blossoms and hot springs! This six-day/seven-night trip involves beautiful views of cherry blossoms and relaxing baths at traditional hot springs. This package is only available during the cherry blossom season, normally from the end of March until early April, so plan accordingly. From beautiful sunrises and sunsets, to the wonderful unique Asian culture and ceremonies, picnics with newfound friends, and the exotic cuisine of Japan, you will experience a lot of what Japan has to offer. This trip allows for you to rent bikes, and provides the food and lodging with packages starting around $1,772.


Spending time together in a romantic place, no matter the destination, is what a honeymoon is about. Reaping the benefits of cycling is just an additional plus of taking a honeymoon biking tour! So while biking through your honeymoon, enjoy one another's company, remember to take some time to enjoy and indulge in life's  pleasures!





Hi there! I’m Denise and I’m a mountain biker who enjoys cross-country biking all around the world. I worked as a trainer for 6 years before becoming an owner of a small fitness store in New York, carrying products I believe in! I’m also the co-founder of MountainBikeEZ.

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