Concierge Favorites: Best Couples Activities in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is known as the fun capital of South Carolina, and that's because there's more to do here than any honeymooners could do in just one trip! We interviewed concierges at some of Myrtle Beach's top hotels and resorts, and got their recommendations for some of Myrtle Beach's best couple's activities. Find one on your own honeymoon that was perfect? Add it in the comments section!

1. Broadway at the Beach.

This is the main strip for Myrtle Beach's best, from restaurants and live shows to funky museums for everything from UFOs to fish, Broadway at the Beach is your fun honeymoon mecca in Myrtle Beach. It's THE place to shop 'till you drop or hit up a comedy club. Join the party at Senor Frogs or play a round of Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf. There's plenty that's funky and fresh, so whether you try to do it all or just people watch for hours, Broadway at the Beach is a lover's playground.

2. Captain Dick's Deep Sea Fishing.

Captain Dicks Fishing boat

Go on a voyage unlike any other and catch some of the sea's slimy-yet-elegant monsters with Captain Dick's Deep Sea Fishing. If fishing isn't your thing Captain Dick (if that is his real name) also rents boats directly, along with kayaks, banana boats and paddle boards. They even offer dolphin tours! Check them out for some of Myrtle Beach's best fun on the water.
Address: Crazy Sister Marina, 4123 U.S. 17 Business, Murrells Inlet
Phone: 1-866-557-FISH or 843-651-3676

3. The Palace Theatre.

Palace Theatre

Located within the downtown "fun zone" known as Broadway at the Beach, The Palace Theatre puts on fun shows from magic acts to musical concerts. It's a good clean date night that will leave honeymooners laughing, loving and maybe even singing along.
Address: 1420 Celebrity Circle
Phone: 1-800-905-4228

4. Kiteboarding Lessons with Sail and Sea Connection.

Kiteboarding, once an "extreme sport" reserved only for adrenaline freaks, is now a piece of fun we can all get in on! You need lessons to get started, but it's a shared experience and an incredible thrill that you and your new bride or groom will never forget. You don't have to be jacked, but you should be in relatively decent shape, and willing to start a little bit slow, knowing that the big thrills will come later. That's because there's a lot of equipment use, safety and basics to get used to before you actually get on a Kiteboard. Once you do, though, you  might have just found your favorite new sport. A couple that plays together stays together, so give Kiteboarding a try and see if your love can be "taken to extremes!"
515 Highway 501

1. Medieval Times.

Medieval Times jousting

Take hands with your Knight (or Fair Maiden) and go back to Medieval Times for a night of battling horsemen, clashing kings and damsels in distress. Enjoy a feast and laugh, cheer and jeer as the thrilling medieval story unfolds! Sparks will literally fly as swords clash in the air, horses gallop toward each other at top speed and champions are finally crowned. It's no-frills honeymoon fun that's silly, memorable, and uniquely romantic all at once. There's just something about a knight in shining armor that can make brides blush!
Address: 2904 Fantasy Way
Phone: 1-866-543-9637

2. Helicopter Adventures.

Helicopter Adventures Myrtle Beach

Helicopter Adventures takes couples flying high above Myrtle Beach. With super-reasonable rates and a selection of packages, from ocean tours to a full 55-mile "Grand Strand Adventure," Helicopter Adventures is a blast in Myrtle Beach that truly has something for every budget.
Address: 1860 21st Ave. North
Phone: 1-800-FLY-4-FUN

3. The Big "M" Casino.

Big M Casino Myrtle Beach

Myrtle beach has Vegas-style casinos that are great for a honeymoon date night - you just won't find them on land. Check out "The Big 'M' Casino" and take a six-hour cruise with a full buffet and classic games from craps to blackjack and many more. We don't recommend betting your nest egg on a round of roulette, but Myrtle Beach's floating casinos could still give you a perfect night of low-stakes honeymoon fun.
Address: 4491 Waterfront Dr., Little River, SC
Phone: (843) 249-9811

1. Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.

Myrtle Beach concert at the boardwalk

The Boardwalk is Myrtle Beach's tourism hub, always buzzing with activity. Plan activities ahead of time or just show up and start exploring, because you can discover everything from restaurants, shops, bars and live shows to garden pathways, beach volleyball and ferris wheels. You'll feel like a couple of teenagers on a sweet summer date, romancing the night away, curfews be damned!

2. Parasailing with Myrtle Beach Watersports.

Parasailing couple

Soar through the sky or crash through the waves with Myrtle Beach Watersports. Parasailing is a special thrill, but they also offer Jetski rides, dolphin tours, pontoon boat rentals and more. Pick your favorite and pack your camera, because this is perfect for honeymooners who crave an adrenaline rush.
Email: [email protected]
(843) 903-3456

3. Legends in Concert.

Legends in Concert Michael Jackson

How'd you like to see a live performance by Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Adele, or Frank Sinatra? Okay, so it may not be the real thing, but it's still a blast for a Myrtle Beach honeymoon night on the town! Watch professional impersonators bring a wide range of performers, both old and new, to life before your eyes.
Address: Located at Broadway at the Beach
Phone: 1-800-960-7469


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