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Surf on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast today, then parasail on the Caribbean tomorrow. Travel to the Grand Canyon before heading north to Mount Rushmore. And why just stay in Honolulu when you could explore all of the big Island of Hawaii? A road trip honeymoon is about more than just the destination; getting there really can be most of the fun! You travel at your own pace on a road trip honeymoon with the chance to get intimate with the location as much as with each other. You can enjoy the freedom to investigate, say, the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru on your own timeframe. But then again, you may want to pack it up and check out the Nazca lines a day early. Essentially, your itinerary can be as flexible as you.

While some regions are better suited for road trips than others, your choices are nearly limitless all around the world. With wide-open spaces, the United States has a bounty of opportunity from Old California to New England. US Route 1, known as the Pacific Coast Highway, takes you from Los Angeles to San Francisco with dramatic scenery, ocean-side eateries and excellent weather through beautiful towns like Santa Barbara and Carmel. Then back east, a road trip honeymoon up the coast of Maine, into the White Mountains of New Hampshire or along Vermont’s Route 100 is a varied experience that’s breathtaking and quaint with covered bridges, charming inns and an easy pace. Likewise, Europe is home to numerous exquisite drives such as the winding, spectacle of Italy’s gorgeous Amalfi coast or through the wine country and endless romance of the back roads of Provence in France. Other locations practically demand road trips to get from point A to point B because, for example, major cities or attractions are spread apart as in Australia, Canada or New Zealand’s North Island.

Regardless of where you choose to go, preparing in advance for your road trip honeymoon can make the difference between a romantic delight and a rotten disaster. If you’re renting from a major agency, if possible test drive the car before leaving the lot. Better to discover a problem then instead of two hours away from Alice Springs in the outback of Australia! Also, avoiding fatigue or boredom may become necessary if you’re in the car for a while, so bring along your favorite music or think about some road games the two of you can.

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