Gay & Lesbian Honeymoons

LGBT Honeymoons - Love that knows no limits.  Sharing champagne in Paris, soaking up the sun in Maui, skiing the sensational slopes of Whistler…what makes the perfect celebration of your new lives as a married couple is as far and wide as the world itself. The good news is that today’s choices for LGBT honeymoons are more numerous, varied and exciting than ever before and getting more so every day. For example, with gay marriage being recently legalized in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, you can be sure that hotspots like Cancun will become even hotter!

Many locations have been well known as LGBT-friendly for a long time, but more and more destinations are joining the ranks with packages and incentives aimed directly at the gay traveler. Maybe you’re seeking out a specific neighborhood within a city, or perhaps it’s the city itself that brings revelers to its festivals, parades, activities or LGBT-friendly attitudes. Then again, the entire region may be what appeals to you, such as the Caribbean isle of Antigua with its gorgeous beaches and beautiful resorts. From inexpensive to luxurious accommodations and romantic serenity to a wild party atmosphere, what you’ll find around the world to meet your criteria is wonderfully varied and plentiful.

LGBT travel is on the rise, which means sensational destinations everywhere will be gearing up to welcome and pamper visitors with an unforgettable honeymoon experience. In the United States, New York City continues to top the LGBT destination list with San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami and New Orleans not too far behind. Meanwhile, Tel Aviv, Montréal and Hong Kong are among the best and most spectacular gay-friendly locations with virtually endless events to keep you busy while enjoying their stunning settings.

However, you’ll find incredible and equally memorable honeymoons off the beaten path in places like Slovenia, South Africa and New Zealand. Cruise companies like Variety Cruises are also expanding their LGBT-specific offerings, with the new 7-day “Rainbow Spirit Greek Island Cruise” for unforgettable LGBT honeymoons over gorgeous Greek seas.

Also, Latin America is just now hitting the radar with fantastic opportunities for the gay community. Countries from Nicaragua and Costa Rica to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay offer massive and vibrant metropolises as well as phenomenal landscapes just waiting to be explored for a romantic adventure to make your LGBT honeymoon the one-of-a-kind event it deserves to be.

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