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Imagine strolling on a beach hand-in-hand as newlyweds, warm sand between your toes as a fiery reddish-orange sun slowly dips below the horizon. When planning for post-wedding getaways, beach honeymoons seem to be among the first images that pop into people’s minds. And for good reason, too: modern life can be so hectic with work and family and obligations demanding our constant attention, not to mention the effort you just spent planning a wedding! The idea of a relaxing beach honeymoon appeals because it can place you in a serene environment with the chance to spend quality time alone together. Even better, most beach honeymoon destinations are tailored to newlyweds with all-inclusive packages, romantic dining and plenty of opportunity to be active with water sports like sailing, fishing, snorkeling and cruises.

Of course you can spend great expense on luxury accommodations and service for outstanding experiences from the food you eat to your activities. You’ll also enjoy the style and pampering necessary to make the most out of this all-important event in your life. In many cases your destination choice can make all the difference as well. A beach honeymoon in Tahiti is like feeling as if you were the only two people in the world, relaxing in an unbelievably gorgeous environment in virtual solitude within a own cabana above water on a spectacular lagoon. There are, however, many inexpensive beach honeymoons offering similar experiences. Two such gems are Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Both have are up-and-coming travel destinations with all the stunning scenery you could wish for plus excellent, romantic dining, incredible attractions both natural and man-made as well as warm, welcoming local people. Will you relax in a chaise lounge with a cocktail and water lapping at your feet? Will you be out exploring volcanoes or perhaps swimming with dolphins? Beach honeymoons can be as varied as you want and often even in the same destination. For example, the Hawaiian Islands each provide unique experiences from the stark, isolated beauty of Molokai to the cosmopolitan excitement of Honolulu on Oahu. Then in the Caribbean, the French side of St-Martin / St Maarten spoils you with exquisite cuisine and world-class shopping, while the Dutch side will have you celebrating your beach honeymoon with its vibrant, upbeat attitude. A beach honeymoon can be tailored into a relaxing honeymoon, an adventure honeymoon or anything in between. Some destinations are more expected than others, such as Brazil with its thousands of miles of coastline and Caribbean destinations from Aruba to Saint Barthélemy Island. Others may not be on your radar including the tropical north of Australia or the old world beauty of Cyprus.

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