Maragogi is an "even more perfect paradise" when you and your sweetheard wake up at the Praiagogi Boutique Pousada. With The palm trees swaying gently in the wind and a sprawling green garden, the landscape leads down to the crystal blue ocean. Listening to the light splashing of waves on the shore, your loved one snuggled close. Relax but don't fall asleep - you're already in a real-life honeymoon dream. The Praiagogi Boutique Pousada's five warm suites all overlook the beautiful sea Maragogi. And in addition to a plush queen-size bed, the suites feature balconies with a hammock for two.

Enjoy exciting cuisine with spices from the Far East and the Mediterranean, drink a caipirinha or iced coconut water sourced straight from local coconut palms and let yourself be treated like the king and queen. Snuggle at sunset, with a sea breeze swaying the coconut trees and the whisper of waves closeby down below. The suites are all equipped with a ceiling fan, TV and ecological air conditioning, bathrooms with luxury shower, marble sink, hot and cold shower and hairdryer.

From the Mediterranean architecture of the inn to the tranquil tropical atmosphere, the Praiagogi Boutique Pousada is the ideal place to relax and enjoy all the beauty of this still-undiscovered gem of Brazil.

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Imagine yourself at Praiagogi Boutique Pousada

Hotel Details

Rodovia AL - 101 Norte - Km 124
Praia Camacho, Costa dos Corais
Maragogi, Brazil

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