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With rustic-yet-elegant oceanside hideaways, beautiful eco-lodges nestled into lush forests and isolated beaches and bays always nearby no matter where you stay, the islands of Fernando de Noronha are filled with hotels and resorts are a dream within a dream.

Tending to err on the more luxurious side, the “pousadas” on the island are peaceful, sweet, often very eco-friendly and always bursting with charm. With the blessing of modern technology hailing down from the Honeymoon Gods, they also manage to feature all the delightfully-modern amenities your love desires despite being over 200 miles from the Brazilian mainland.

Whether you’d rather dive deep to experience the fabulous fins and gorgeous gills of Fernando de Noronha’s magical marine life, or laze on the beach without another soul in sight, the perfect hotel is waiting for you to check-in to the island romance of your fantasies. Dine on fresh local cuisine, snorkel through coral, and kiss like no one’s watching in what might be Brazil’s most secluded honeymoon destination – Fernando de Noronha.

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