Secluded, yet accessible. Luxurious, yet unpretentious. The Kahala Hotel and Resort is legendary for its beauty, grace, and effortless ability to bring Hawaii honeymoon fairy tales to life. Lounge on the balcony, looking out through the palms at the crystal blue Pacific. Walk down to the beach and spend perfect days soaking up the sunshine, or escape across Oahu for honeymoon adventures from snorkeling and diving to hiking and helicopter rides.

The rooms are airy and crisp, all furnished in a clean contemporary style with a strong dash of Hawaiian grace. Book a suite with a view for an extra luxurious stay, and find yourselves basking in the views of mountains, breathtaking golf courses, volcanic craters and the sheer beauty of the deep blue sea. Honeymoon sweetness emanates so strongly from your room, you may find yourselves content to never step outside lest you suddenly awaken from this perfect dream.

Of course, when you stay at The Kahala Hotel and Resort, all the fun of Honolulu and all the beauty of Oahu lies at your fingertips. Indulge at the spa or take off across the island and experience everything it has to offer, from a tranquil beach escape to adventures guaranteed to get love-struck hearts pumping fast. Explore The Kalaha Hotel and Resort and prepare for the Oahu honeymoon you've been dreaming experience of pure luxury and absolute bliss.

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Hotel Details

5000 Kahala Ave
Honolulu, Oahu, HI

The Best Parts of The Kahala Hotel and Resort

In-Room Amenities

In-Room Amenities



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