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Playa del Carmen is a bustling beach town with tons to offer couples on their honemyoon trip. To help you plan your evenings, we’ve put together some of our favorite Playa del Carmen nightlife hotspots, from the relaxed to the outrageous and others in between!

  • EL ENVERO. This restaurant serves tasty international cuisine and tapas in a classy environment where you can dip in for lunch in your shorts or make it an intimate evening affair. The food is great, the service is friendly and the atmosphere is great for couples – warm and cozy.
    Telephone: 52-984-876-1203
  • DONA DIABLA. Feel the sea breeze on your skin as you await an authentic Mexican meal, killing the time with sweet conversation and garden-fresh guacamole and margaritas. No, you’re not on a date with Don Juan…you’re relaxing with your sweetie at Dona Diabla! For a quiter dining experience that’s removed from the hustle and bustle of 5th Ave, try the delicious mexican food and down-home service with a low-key and delicious start to your honeymoon evening.
    Telephone: 52-984-879-4803

  • EL ALUX. Dine and romance in a setting that’s pure magic: the colorful cenotes of Playa del Carmen. Enjoy an appetizer and cocktail before dinner arrives, then watch Mayan dancers twirl through the caves. All the little nooks and corners form semi-private dining areas throughout the cave that are perfect for romance. It’s nothing but romance and relaxation when couples spend an evening out at El Alux.
    Telephone: 52 -984-803-0713

  • OM. Om is a lounge, restaurant and bar where you can chill out under the cool lighting and sip cocktails or dance to the beats of an excellent DJ mix. You’ll surrounded by relaxing Asian-chic decor and could even puff away to honeymoon bliss on a bubbling hookah. Om is a lounge where relaxation and cool vibes are what it’s all about.
    Telephone: 52-984-879-4784

  • COCO BONGO. Lasers slice through the fog and flashing lights and beneath, dancers twist and the music rumbles beneath the floor. This one came up again and again in our research for the best all-night party in Playa del Carmen. Coco Bongo’s music mix and technology is world-class and the cover includes an open bar, acrobats soar over the enormous dance floor, but that’s not all – Catch a variety of extravagant shows throughout the night with circus performers, soaring costumed dancers and plenty of surprises to flood the stage. The Playa del Carmen nightlife experience that awaits at Coco Bongo has even been called “Better than Vegas!” It’s one honeymoon party you won’t want to miss.
    Telephone: 52-984-803-5939

  • BALI CLUB. Latin mixes, electronic beats, elaborate stage shows and enough dance space to keep Kevin Bacon busy for weeks…welcome to Bali Club, a trendy nightlife spot in Playa del Carmen where honeymooners can dance around Buddhist statues illuminated in the colored flashes of light. It’s one of the biggest clubs in the area, and the decor and design also make it one of the coolest.
    Telephone: 52-984-803-2864

  • LA SANTANERA. This two-in-one club has a bar and lounge on the upper level where you and your honey can kick back with some drinks and world-class electronic music. Downstairs, La Santanera is a nightclub with DJs spinning the best house music around. This Playa del Carmen nightlife hotspot is very popular with cosmopolitan locals and cool couples who want to end their honeymoon party at the trendiest lounge in town.
    Telephone: 52-984- 803-4506

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