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Get a slice of island life with a honeymoon at one of the dozens of hotels in Cozumel. Most tourists view Cozumel in a blur, as a quick stop on their Caribbean cruise. But only those who stay for days, or even weeks at a time, can enjoy the full beauty of its sandy beaches and oceanfront resorts. However, this picturesque island has more than just natural beauty…it’s brimming with vibrant locals, tasty authentic Mexican dishes and plenty of outdoor excursions. The west side of Cozumel is more established, with most of the island’s hotels and restaurants. When couples stay at a hotel in Cozumel, indulgence is a must. Play, eat, relax, explore and enjoy!

The tourist-friendly island is best known for its beautiful reefs and calm blue waters, making it a prime spot for scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts. Most hotels offer all-inclusive packages so guests can have underwater adventures while experiencing top-of-the line service, all without having to worry about calculating costs. Many hotels have their own dive shops so planning sea excursions is a stress-free breeze. Of course, the fun doesn’t end there. Many Cozumel hotels offer golf activities, spa treatments, tours, and plenty of other honeymoon activities.

With every part of the island nestled within a 28-mile radius, nothing is too far to be accessible. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the unbeaten path along the east side of Cozumel. Most of the locals live within this area, and there are quite a few boutique hotels to be found. Personable staff can offer suggestions on sites to see, restaurants to dine at and activities to take part in. Surrounded by locals, experience San Miguel firsthand and realize how deeply influenced the island town is by Mayan culture.

Whether you seek a high-end hotel for a destination wedding or prefer a cozy bed and breakfast for a honeymoon, a vacation in the tropical oasis of Cozumel is an unforgettably romantic experience.

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