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Perhaps the single most popular reason tourists come to the magical city of Venice is to experience the romance of the city’s famous Grand Canal. Thus, it follows that some of the most popular tours are the intimate gondola and boat tours down the canal and through the winding waterways connecting the many tiny islands making up the city.

Be serenaded by a gondolier and explore the city or, if you’re more a landlubber than a seafarer, skip the gondola and head straight to St. Mark’s Basilica, the city’s most famous church, or Doge Palace, once the grand seat of the Venetian government.

Next, check out the commercial quarter full of artisans and merchants. Then catch an opera, take a couple’s cooking class and learn the tradition of Venetian cuisine, or take a day trip to the surreal beauty of the breathtaking section of the Italian Alps known as the Dolomites. Whether it be by foot or by sea, Venice is a beautiful city for couples to explore, and a great tour with professional guides can be the perfect way to experience it from every angle.

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