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Known for gorgeous restaurants with breathtakingly romantic old-world views, a few honeymoon dinner dates are an absolute must during your getaway here. Though Venetian cuisine has some similarities with the food of Northern Italy and bordering Slavic countries, it is also significantly different. Depending on the restaurant, different types of traditional Venetian cuisine can be served, but all the best restaurants have a few things in common: fresh ingredients, rich flavors, incredible romantic ambiance and stunning surroundings.

A core staple of the Venetian diet is seafood, which is sourced directly from Venice’s own lagoon. It is also common for a Venetian restaurant to serve grilled meat, vegetables, risotto, and of course, pasta. Polenta, which is cornmeal boiled into a porridge, is one of the most common side dishes and can be eaten as is, fried, baked, or grilled.

Dining options range from jacket and tie fancy to ultra-casual. Since Venetian restaurants tend to be small many of the most popular ones, like those we list below, highly recommend reservations. To get your honeymoon started right contact your concierge before you arrive, then see if they can book a restaurant for your first night in Venice. It will be a night you’ll never forget!


Outdoor terrace dining on the canal at L'Alcova Restaurant at Ca'Sagredo Hotel, Venice Italy

Soak up views of the famous Grand Canal from the vantage point of a panoramic overwater terrace, savoring elegant flavors at a candlelit table while gondolas float by on the water. Chef Michele Potenza has created a unique and romantic restaurant by using the rich tastes from different regions of Italy and reinventing them with his own spin.

Chef Potenza has lived and worked in multiple regions of Italy discovering lost recipes and reviving them, putting his own spin on traditional Italian cuisine. His talent lies in being able to transform common, simple meals like ravioli or cod into signature dishes you won’t find anywhere else. Since 2010, Chef Potenza has also been one of the official chefs on the Italian cooking talent show “La Prova del Cuoco,” or “Test of the Cook.”

Treat yourselves to traditional Italy, with a twist! Vegetarians have great options here as well, and sugar junkies will love desserts like the traditional Neapolitan, a honey caramelized peach with homemade vanilla bourbon ice cream.
Address: Campo Santa Sophia, 4198/99, 30121 Ca’D’Oro, Venice
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 39-041-241-3111


This peaceful restaurant lies hidden from tourist packed streets, tucked away in a secluded Venetian square. If you’re looking for traditional, natural and authentic Venetian cuisine, come to the Ostaria Boccadoro, where only the chefs only use fresh fish, local vegetables and spices, and pasta made in-house from scratch.

Try their classic canastrelli scallops, pasta with bevarasse clams, tuna tartare, frittura, and grilled orata with zucchini sauce for an indulgent culinary experience. The Ostaria Boccadoro also has an ample wine cellar, and one of the owners, Luciano, is happy to suggest a wine from his prime collection.

Book the small, private dining room for intimate gatherings with briidesmaids, groomsmen or family. Find out why the Ostaria Boccadoro is the frequent host to very famous guests, including the former Italian Prime Minister!
Address: Via Ponte 2, 37060 San Zeno, Mozzecane, Italy
Phone: 045-206-4201
E-mail: [email protected]


With only nine tables, couples dining at the exclusive Osteria Alle Testiere are guaranteed an intimate experience. Its name is a reference to the old headboards that line the wall of this small restaurant located in the heart of Venice, only steps away from Saint Mark’s Basilica (known for being the most famous of Venice’s churches, grand design, and gold mosaics) and the Rialto Bridge (the oldest and most picturesque bridge across the canal).

If you are searching for premier fish, this is the place for you. The chef, Bruno, only offers the catch of the day—nothing else. Therefore the menu changes daily, according to the whims of nature, and couples dining get to take advantage of the freshest fish imaginable. Osteria Alle Testiere is closed Sundays and Mondays. Because of its extremely small size and popularity, reservations are crucial to get a table, and must be made far in advance.
Address: Calle del Mondo Novo, 5801, 30122 Venice, Italy
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 39-041-522-7220


In a seafood wonderland like Venice, it can be difficult for vegetarian honeymooners to find good options. As stated on their website, “La Zucca isn’t a vegetarian restaurant, but it can satisfy people looking for a place to eat fresh vegetable courses made with fresh ingredients.” The understated beauty of this restaurant is highlighted in the tones of the culinary-themed artwork hanging on the lattice wood walls.

One of its coolest features is a door on the canal, allowing diners to enter the restaurant directly from a gondola. Like all the best restaurants in Venice, La Zucca makes use of the freshest local ingredients, some of which are quite rare outside of northern Italy. The menu has some delicious meat options including piccata di pollo ai caperi e limone con riso (sliced chicken with capers and lemon and rice) and rabbit with white wine, but is also focused on incorporating elements of the garden into its meals.

Dishes like fennel in a spicy tomato-olive sauce, and their famous pumpkin flan with aged ricotta cheese make Osteria La Zucca perfect for both the meat lover and vegetarian alike, making it especially perfect for couples with one vegetarian and one meat eater. They’re closed Sundays, but serve up newlywed culinary bliss on every other day of the week.
Address: Calle del Tintor, Sestiere Santa Croce 1762, 30315 Venice, Italy
Phone: 39-041-524-1570

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