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Casual seaside restaurants are a South Coast specialty. Finer dining is available as well, usually at hotel restaurants that focus on fancier fare. Whether you go barefoot on the beach or dress up for a night out, there’s sure to be a South Coast restaurant option that pleases. Casual is the word of the day, but some of the South Coast’s small, unique restaurants like Floyd’s Pelican Bar and Little Ochie serve such a pleasant and one-of-a-kind experience, they’ve become known as attractions in themselves. Come for a meal, but you might want to hang out all day!


Jack Sprat Restaurant, night

One of the two onsite restaurant options at Jake’s Hotel, Jack Sprat is perfect for casual beachside dining and dancing to DJs when the sun goes down. Grab a bite, go for a swim, and dance your pants off amongst the fun, laid back ambiance of Jack Sprat.
Address: Jake’s Hotel, Calabash Bay, Treasure Beach


Ocean view from Marblue Gourmet, the restaurant at Marblue VIlla Suites

Located at Marblue Villa Suites, the Sea Side Restaurant welcomes you with exceptional beach and sunset views and a menu that always changes. This is one of the best honeymoon bets for sophisticated dining on the South Coast. Reservations are recommended.
Address: At Marblue Villa SuitesOld Wharf, Calabash Bay, Treasure Beach


Fresh seafood on a relaxing beach is the speciality at Little Ochi. Located in a quiet fishing village just outside Mandeville, it’s the perfect place to kick back. The blue water contrasts magificently with the unique black sand the South Coast is known for. Pick your fish, grab a drink, watch the chef cook it right in front of you or go take a seat in one of their cabanas or a table outside on the sand. It’s a bit of a journey to get there, but don’t worry…once you’re in, you’ll want soak up the welcoming ambiance and relax all day. Come see why Little Ochi has been a South Coast fixture for over two decades.
Address: Alligator Pond, Manchester Jamaica
Phone: 876-382-3375 or 876-852-6430


This quiet retreat in Mandeville brings lots to the table: a quiet vibe, amazing views of the South Coast’s tropical hillsides, simple food with rich flavors, phenomenal local coffee, and some of Jamaica’s most famous and beloved ice cream. It’s located on a beautiful estate built in 1838, so you can get a taste of Jamaican history while you chow down, sip your drink, and savor the ambiance.
Address: 8 Perth Road, Mandeville Jamaica
Phone: 876-962-7130


Easily the best restaurant around downtown Mandeville, the Star Grill fills the need for a restaurant serving great meals and exceptional customer service while you’re visiting town. The vibe here is contemporary, fun and casual without coming across as cheap. For a quick bite they offer a fast service window, but it’s a great place to sit down and enjoy a slow meal as well. Couples will want to snag a table in the “VIP Section” upstairs, where you have more privacy and finer dining along with a full bar. Every customer is treated like a star here.
Address: 20 South Race Course Rd., Mandeville, Manchester
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 876-632-3834

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