Milk River Hotel & Spa

More of an inn or Bed & Breakfast than a resort, Milk River Hotel and Spa is a great lower-budget bet hidden in the secluded Jamaican countryside of Milk River. The rooms are comfortable, affordable, and pleasant, but where Milk River really shines is in its relaxing, spring-fed mineral baths.

As the story goes, in the late 1700s a slave was severely beaten by his master and left for dead. When he later returned miraculously healed, he told the slave that if he revealed the secret of his recovery, he would never be beaten again. The slave took his master to the Milk River and showed him the mineral pools he bathed in to heal. The master then used the waters for himself until he died, when he left them to the Jamaican government in his will. A small hotel was built on the site, and the rest is history!

Feel the honeymoon healing powers for yourselves with unlimited access to the baths during your stay. Book a Queen or one of the other premium rooms to get the most of your stay. Relax, refresh, and invigorate with an affordable honeymoon getaway to Milk River Hotel and Spa.

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Milk River
Clarendon Parish

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The dining at the Milk River Hotel & Spa is fresh, no frills Jamaican cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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