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From wild to mild, Negril nightlife runs the gamut. Though on the surface Negril feels sleepy and tranquil, the nightlife still offers a great selection for couples with eclectic evening tastes. On on night, you can find yourselves relaxing on the beach, Red Stripe in h and, listening to live reggae and tapping your feet in the sand. On another night, you’re shaking it up on the dance floor with a DJ pumping out a mix of dance, house and hip hop.

Still, most of the options are laid back bars on the beach or peaceful dives tucked away in the palms – places with thatched roofs, bartenders who are also owners, and a staff that knows you by name from the moment you arrive. Relax or go crazy! In Negril, the nightlife lets you dance to your own beat.


Live reggae and cold drinks on the beach–now that’s Jamaica!  Not only does Alfred’s attract truly talented local and international reggae, roots and rock musicians for their live shows, but the food here is good and the cocktails are an absolute knockout.  You can sit and kick back or dance on the sand.  Either way, the ambiance is fun, friendly and relaxed.  Spend a sweet, starry evening here and you’ll see why Alfred’s Ocean Palace is the best since Buckingham!
Address: Norman Manley Blvd.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 876-957-4669


Popular with locals and tourists, The Jungle is an authentic Jamaican dancehall where the party really gets going well after midnight. This place truly brings a wild party to its visitors, complete with provocative dancing beneath disco lights. Reggae, dance hall, h ip hop and house bets go hard until the wee hours. Thursday is Lady’s Night, so the bride can get in for free until the clock strikes midnight.
Address: Norman Manley Blvd.
Email: [email protected]
Phone:  876-957-4005


This tiny, simple yellow shack doesn’t look like much, but it’s a “Must Do” in Negril. The bar might now have a “signature cocktail,” flaming shots, or fancy leather barstools, but it is one of the most truly authentic Jamaican experiences that you’ll find here. Collette, the owner, has a warm smile and a friendly welcome that attracts visitors from around the world and shows them what true Jamaican hospitality looks like.

Play some dominoes, chat with Collette, hang out with locals and absorb some good vibes from the relaxed atmosphere. You haven’t felt the real meaning of Jamaican sunshine until you’ve had a drink with Collette!
Address: Red Ground Rd./Fire Station Rd.
Phone: 876-429-3636


This bar on Seven Mile Beach is a favorite party spot for late night drinking and great views of the water.  It’s chill in the daytime and gets livelier late at night, making it a great place to watch the scene change while you play pool and sip drinks as the sun goes down.  It’s also ideal for meeting and mingling with locals, who have perfected the science of chilling out and doing nothing.  Juicy’s, the restaurant next door, is great for a quick bite if you get hungry between drinks.
Address:  Norman Manley Blvd.
Phone: 876-423-5610


In Negril, the fun knows no limits. Don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourselves right here! Located on cliffs above the sea, this is a great place to be on a hot Jamaican night. If the fans don’t cool you down, the cold beers will! The husband and wife owners will regale you with warm conversation while you take in the funky reggae ambiance. Munch on jerk chicken and mingle with locals and tourists alike over darts, dominoes and beer.
Address: West End Road
Phone: 876-957-4855

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