Newlyweds seeking the essence of Beijing culture will find it in Red Wall Garden, a hotel that celebrates the history and culture of the ancient city. Red Wall Garden Hotel is located in the center of Shijia Hutong, one of Beijing’s oldest neighborhoods. Surrounded by trees, this hotel is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Beijing’s busy streets.

Still, it is within walking distance of the Forbidden City and offers an in-house car service, as well as a free shuttle back and forth from the airport. The hotel boasts an accommodating staff, modern amenities and plenty of on-site activities. Perhaps the best part of Red Wall Garden Hotel is its traditional Chinese courtyard. The Red Wall Garden Hotel often features live music performances and art shows in the courtyard.

The hotel has an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. There are open living spaces on each floor, where guests can lounge while having tea, reading, or simply contemplating on their awesome ventures through Beijing. The Red Wall Garden Restaurant offers an array of classic Chinese cuisine. They have a menu that is dedicated to Beijing Street food, prepared by a creative executive chef in the courtyard and served as snacks or appetizers. The “family style” layout is a foodie’s dream, as they can experience a variety of delectable dishes at one sitting.

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Hotel Details

41 Shijia Alley
Dongcheng District, Beijing
100010 China 

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