Located on a quiet road near Bell and Drum Towers in downtown Beijing, the Bamboo Garden Hotel is decorated in Chinese tradition. It was once home to a minister of the Qing dynasty. The Bamboo Garden Hotel has classic Chinese courtyards, halls, and pavilions. Bamboo groves, ponds, and fountains help create a serene space for couples that desire a low-key oasis from the bustling streets of Beijing. Visitors will love exploring the small alleyways and winding lanes surrounding the hotel and will be pleasantly surprised to discover the local markets and eateries nearby.

It's also conveniently close to the subway system.  Rooms are decorated with traditional Chinese furniture, although the bathrooms are western-style. The hotel has three restaurants (Fu Song Zhai, Sunny Restaurant and Zui Yang Xuan), a coffee shop, and lounge bar.

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Hotel Details

24 Xiaoshiqiao, Jiugulou Street
Xicheng District
Beijing China 100009

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