Couples who seek solace will find comfort in the beautiful courtyards of Aman Resort at Summer Palace. A series of traditionally built pavilions make up this resort that once held the emperor’s guests. Although the grounds are expansive, the resort staff creates an intimate atmosphere for their guests, making them feel like royalty. Conveniently located at the East Gate of the Summer Palace, the Aman Resort has a “secret door” that leads to the palace and is only accessible to guests.

Guests can enjoy modern commodities while reveling in the classic Chinese design layout. The Aman Resort at Summer Palace has a spa where couples can enjoy traditional Chinese massages from trained masseuses. Staff escort visitors to their room while carrying beautiful Chinese lanterns, creating an air of romance you never thought possible.

The resort also has family-friendly activities that include swimming in an underground pool, watching movies in the private theater, and calligraphy lessons.

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Beijing, China

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