Kenya’s Secret Safari Spot

The adventure at Meru National Park and OffBeat Safaris continues and it only gets better. A visit to the rhino sanctuary, a lion’s den, and even the camp’s lounge area proved to be action-packed events we’ll never forget.

Rhinos and lions are obvious crowd-pleasers but driving through through the grassland we were amazed at the variety and bounty of animals: beisa oryx, somals ostrich, gernuck, dik diks, secretary bird, lesser kudu, and water bucks (pictured above) were some of the dozens of types of wildlife we saw.

Giraffes whizzed by at top speed. To see them gallop with their long necks leading and their thin little legs trying to keep up is quiet the sight.

For breakfast we stopped for a picnic at this lush watering hole. Hippos and crocs bobbed their heads up and down while little fishes flipped out of the water.

Instead of just hopping back in the car on a full stomach, we got to extend our stop at the river with a bit of fishing. We caught four fish in a matter of minutes which added such fun to the morning and a whole new way to appreciate time in the riverine forest.

Further down stream we spotted these two lion cubs sitting in the shade with their mama nearby. They may be sweet babies now, but that intense gaze reminds you of their place as future kings of the jungle.

Just when we thought we’d had the most eventful morning, we had perhaps the most exciting sighting from the comfort of camp. According to our East African wildlife field guide, the Beautiful Sand Snake has never been seen alive in Kenya…until it crawled right past the dining tent! The fearless assistant guide Mark saw it slither by and snatched it up before the moment was gone forever. This delicate, precious reptile seemed more legend than reality so in the name of science, the team held on to the snake until the specialists could come in to examine it. History was made and we are proud to say, we saw it first at Offbeat Meru!

Full of energy from our legendary sighting, we were excited to go on a walking safari. Elephants, bush bucks, go-away birds, and scorpions, all made an appearance but our favorite was by far the bush baby! This primitive primate is rarely seen without night vision goggles and this odd little cutie was out for us in plain sight!

The next morning we awoke before sunrise to watch the animals awake from their slumber and on the way caught this fireball over the horizon of doum palms. The golden glow illuminating the gangly branches and red earth below was simply spectacular.

We arrived at the morning’s premier event….the Meru Rhino Sanctuary!  Poaching is a serious problem in Africa so the the Kenya Wildlife Service has created large protected areas for rhinos to roam safely.  To even see an endangered rhino chewing grass is exciting but we were lucky enough to see the most incredible father-son moment. Watch this elder rhino school his young on how to use the horn to defend himself and territory.  

Completely elated from our rare rhino moment and slew of other precious wildlife sightings in Meru, we celebrated our stay with a gourmet bush breakfast. From unexpected meals to fishing to pool-time, we love that Offbeat Safaris is about so much more than game drives. The remote and intimate nature of camp combined with a staff that is devoted a delightful stay, make this safari camp and park teeming with animals Kenya’s best kept secret.

Much love from Meru,
Anne & Mike

Note: Offbeat Safaris invited us to be their guest; however, all opinions are our own.

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