Top Ten Reasons for a Destination Wedding in Mexico

Cenote Mexico Wedding

Mexico is world-reknown as a top destination wedding location, but it’s much more than just pretty beaches and sunshine. There are colorful caves, ancient sites, colonial cities and much more…so, without further adieu, here are our top ten reasons for a destination wedding in Mexico.

  • 10. The Weather

Everyone wants the perfect weather when they say “I do,” and Mexico has tons of it. The rainy season is generally May – October, but with such a varied geography you can find all kinds of different climates in different areas and plan the big day accordingly.  Although you can’t control the weather, your chances of a gorgeous wedding day are very high when you take your destination wedding in Mexico.

  • 9. The Land

From snow-capped peaks to tropical jungles, from expansive deserts to long white beaches and breathtaking cenotes, a destination wedding in Mexico offers a vast range of settings and experiences. The incredibly diverse landscape is just as beautiful in the mountains as the beach; where you wed all depends on what kind of couple you are. This magical land has so much to offer, it practically ensures there’s a perfect place in Mexico to fulfill almost any couple’s wildest nuptial dreams.

  • 8. The Cost

With many couples still feeling the effects of a slowed economy, price and budget are bigger factors than ever before when you plan your destination wedding. The relative affordability of a destination wedding in Mexico makes it an even better spot to tie the knot, without your accountant then handing you the same rope to hang yourselves when he sees the bill!

  • 7. The Beaches

Sure, Mexico’s got everything from Mayan ruins to modern cities, but most of the couples who decide to have a destination wedding in Mexico are going to take advantage of one of Mexico’s more obvious locations for romance: the beach. With so many beaches from the resort-lined tourist areas to more intimate, secluded isles, there are so many great beaches to marry on it can be overwhelming. Of course, that also means there are tons of options for a perfect Mexican destination wedding with oceans, sunsets and smooth sand beneath your feet!

  • 6. The Food

From authentic, traditional Mexican dishes to international favorites, the food in Mexico is top-notch. Restaurants and resorts serve food from around the world, so foodie couples have nothing to fear when catering their Mexico destination wedding. From the simple to the extravagant, there are enough cosmopolitan cities and luxury hotels in Mexico to ensure that every dish at your wedding in Mexico is a hit no matter what you choose to serve. On such an important day the food for you and your guests should contain nothing but gastronomic greats, and Mexico has what it takes to deliver in full.

  • 5. The Culture

In Mexico, family gatherings are an important part of life, and most Mexicans will tell you that these fun-loving people are always looking for something to celebrate. This attitude makes it a great place for a destination wedding, as if the whole country is celebrating right along with you! Warm locals might offer congratulations, and wedding planning staff know how important it is to get the vibe and details just right. When you marry in Mexico, the warmth of the people will provide an enchanting cultural backdrop that lends itself perfectly to newlywed joy.

  • 4. Celebs Know Best

With names like Eli Manning, Heidi Klum and Britney Spears marrying in Mexico, what do these celebs know that the rest of us don’t? They know that Mexico is a place to say “I Do” where the weather’s great, the land is gorgeous, the people are fun and the days are thick with romance. With great hotels and activites in all of Mexico’s beautiful wedding locations, even average folks like us can feel like celebrity royalty on our Mexico destination wedding.

  • 3. The Resorts

With such a wide range of resorts dotting Mexico’s eclectic landscape, options abound for an incredible destination wedding. Beach resorts, desert hideaways, and jungle escapes provide luxurious rooms and wedding services, on-site wedding planners, tons of great activities and other special touches. Many resorts have tons of experience planning and executing perfect weddings, so check out lots of different options and choose only the best fit. With so many great hotels and resorts, there’s no reason to settle for any location but the perfect one!

  • 2. The Themes

Couples planning a destination wedding in Mexico can choose from a wide and unique variety of themes, making for a truly memorable wedding in Mexico. You can tie the knot in a brilliant cenote, under the ocean breathing through SCUBA gear, aboard a luxury yacht zipping through the Caribbean or in a Mayan ruin surrounded by jungles, with an indiginous priest officiating the ceremony…the opportunities for unforgettable theme weddings in Mexico are abundant. Then again, a good old fashioned beach wedding is also romantic and popular option!

  • 1. The Fun

The carefree, “anything goes” vibe in Mexico sets the stage for a destination wedding that’s pure fun! With rocking nightclubs, outrageous bars, intimate restaurants, gorgeous scenery, activities out the wazoo and enough romantic outings to make Casanova blush, Mexico is a natural choice for a wedding that’s roughly 50% romance, 50% fun and 100% awesome.

¡Felicitaciónes, and welcome to newlywed heaven in Mexico!

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